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Learn mandala rock painting in step-by-step videos online

Learn to easily paint a beautiful mandala rock like a pro.  There's no "stone" left unturned in this complete step-by-step mandala rock painting course.

Learn about all the supplies, which ones are optional, and the advantages of different options. Paint with precision using the easy "halfway technique" to creating your mandala pattern.  See how the color wheel can help you choose a beautiful gradient color pattern.  Learn intermediate/advanced dotting techniques like walking dots, double dots/layering dots, and comma strokes. I'll even share some different ways you can turn your rock painting into a business.

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Mandala Rock Painting

A beginner's complete and easy step-by-step guide

This mandala rock paining book will...

  • teach anyone how to easily make a beautiful mandala rock.
  • leave no “stone” unturned in providing the most complete tutorial for painting mandala rocks from start to finish.
  • illustrate beginner and intermediate painting techniques such as walking dots, double dots, and swoosh strokes.
  • break down all the steps in over 20 organized and easy to follow lessons with photos.
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Free Mandala Coloring Book

Relax with some beautiful, meditative mandala designs to color. You can print and color 30 mandalas to spark your creativity. There are varying patterns that are good for all ages. Enjoy this art therapy on your own, with friends, or the whole family.

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