Comprehensive list of tools and supplies to start your mandala rock painting
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Suggested Basic Supplies: 

Optional Supplies:

Organizers and Containers:

Rocks and Other Things to Paint

  • Square Canvas Panel Artboards:
  • Journal/Diary:
  • River Rocks: With a search on Google Maps or Yelp for "rocks", you can find some landscaping/building supply/hardscape companies in your area.  Many of them will let you pick out rocks by hand and have them weighed so you can purchase them.  Look for smooth "river rocks" or "skimmers".
  • Colored, Black, or White Cardstock:
  • Glass domes: A search on eBay should help you find "3 inch Round Glass Cabochons".  Here's a listing that is current as of April 2023.
  • Glass or Plastic Christmas Ornaments: Hobby stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby carry these starting as early as August.




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